Looking for Help With Your Beloved Pet's Unanticipated Medical Bills?

border collie

The Cartwright Foundation serves the greater Denver/Front Range, Colorado area and helps responsible pet owners with financial assistance for unanticipated medical or surgical costs for their pet(s) when it has been determined that without this assistance, the pet's life or well-being is in jeopardy. The pet owner must pay for the initial $300 of the medical treatment or surgical procedure. The Foundation will pay up to an additional $500 for medical treatment or $1,000 for surgical procedures. If the treatment costs exceed these amounts, the Foundation will pay 50% of any additional charges up to a maximum total payment by the Foundation of $750 for medical treatment or $1,500 for surgical procedures. The pet owner is responsible for any costs above these amounts.

The Foundation helps qualified pet owners to understand the personal, financial, and post-treatment responsibilities necessary to contribute to the successful treatment for their pet. By working with the pet's regular veterinarian, treating veterinarians, and a veterinary advisory staff, the Foundation helps to provide the crucial treatments that are needed to reach a successful outcome for a pet that has a good prognosis with medical treatment.